Richard Noel, Welsh Canadian artist

Hey there!

I’m Richard Noel, and thanks for dropping by my website.

Much of my art represents moods and emotions. Sometimes I translate these through vivid colour palettes often brought to order using black. Sometimes I’ll use unusual shapes and textures that change in appearance throughout the day in different lighting.

The common use of black in my art represents the dark periods that have a tendency to creep up on me. I also think that black provides some kind of starkness and mystery to my art.

You can find out a little more about me and how my artistic journey began here

The Name Story…

My name is Richard, but my folks wanted to call me Noel (being born just after Christmas). My brother, however, insisted that my name was Richard, so that was that! I chose to make my artist name Richard Noel to celebrate both names.

It’s funny you know, because I often feel like two different people. Richard is the person I am, and Noel the person I always wanted to be. But one thing for sure, Noel is taking over fast!

(Blue shorts photo taken at the folk’s house, Bishton, Wales in 2003)

Artist Richard Noel at home in Wales in 2003
Cliffs, beaches and sea at Gower Peninsular, Wales UK

Proudly Welsh

I grew up in a small village in South Wales, UK. It’s an incredibly beautiful region, where the coast boasts wonderful beaches backdropped by rolling hills and mountains. It has warm, friendly, very humorous people and a deep, rich, culture and history.

I’m fiercely proud of being Welsh and our Welsh Dragon flag. Did you know that Wales boasts more castles per square mile than any other European country? I wish I could say I speak Welsh, but they didn’t teach it at school back then. It’s definitely on Noel’s list of to-do’s…

And Canadian…

I moved to Canada in 2009 with my husband Phil, and have lived in both Ontario and Qu├ębec. Canada for me has been incredibly exciting, yet very challenging. My time here has helped me rebuild my confidence, learn to be more self sufficient and be creative again.

I still feel privileged that I had the opportunity to come here, meet such a diverse range of people, and become a Canadian citizen. But… Wales has always been there in my heart. I now know exactly how ‘hiraeth’ feels. And that’s why I’m going to return to my true homeland…

Island off cost in Lake Superior, Northern Ontario