The Distorted Square is complete!

Like a Phoenix from the ashes (or should I say snow and ice) of this already yawny start to 2022 in Québec comes the Distorted series collective square! It's truly a treat on the eyes, so take some headache pills and reach for your sun glasses!

A colourful start to December…

So, another three join the Distorted series. I was talking to Phil last night over a cheap litre (or two) of red, and he thinks that a further three would be great. Then my 2021 Distorted square would be complete!

How it all started…

I've been a bit reflective today, so decided to look back at how this 'creative thing' all started. From Ping Pong tables to Prozac, here's the low down on my artistic journey (so far!)

If life wasn’t already Distorted…

Each of the Distorted Series paintings that I've created focuses on letters within one word. Here are my latest three offerings which I've titled ' Enough', 'Unaware' and 'Goodbye'.

Time to leave

This year I decided to revisit an old friend that I created way back in 2007. Another big change is on the horizon and I wanted to mark that with a painting again

Introducing the Fractured series

Funnily enough, the Fractured Series gave me a bad wrist and shoulder! It was having to beat around 500 pieces of triangular aluminium with a square headed screwdriver. Where I get these ideas from I do not know. Was it worth it I ask?

The ones that didn’t make it…

Here are a selection of my artistic creations that didn't make the portfolio on this website. They're either tucked away somewhere dark, given away, buried in landfill or refurbished! But everyone has got to start somewhere you know. I'm actually thinking of recreating one or two of them. My eye

New piece of art….from Wynne Parkin!

What a great painting to own. It's crazy, unique and certainly a conversation starter! This is the story of how I literally stumbled over this painting on a Facebook post, became infatuated and hired a van for a 10 hour round trip to Lac-Mégantic.

When Nightfall comes…

In a Skype video chat, my cousin in London UK remarked on this painting hanging behind me. He said it looked like some kind of Reptilian architecture. I was quite chuffed and took that as a compliment. Here's the story behind my two 'Nightfalls'.

To Follow

Who'd have thought this hefty yet elegant piece of art could also act as a sound dampening panel? I'm sure that wasn't my intention as it took several weeks to create