A colourful start to December…

Back in October I created three paintings for my Distorted series : ‘Enough’, ‘Unaware’ and ‘Goodbye’. At that time, I said I was in the process of another three, as I wanted to see how six would look together on a white wall. And now I can!

Below you can see the fruits of my labours. I’m actually very happy with the way that ‘Flavour’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Uncertain’ turned out. (Don’t ask me about the names by the way; you know how weird us artists can be!).

The latest three Distorted series on display

And…wait for it… here’s what the six of this year’s Distorted offerings look like mixed-up on a concrete wall. Complete with an ill-fitting sofa! Well, what could be a better setting when life really is Distorted?!

So the next plan is create yet ANOTHER three, so that I can create a collective square. Watch this space!

Six Distorted paintings on display by Richard Noel artist
Distorted 2021 series on display