Introducing the Fractured series

In this project I wanted to create something striking with an organic feel. I’ve been really attracted to working with silver on white lately. Probably because of all the gloom we’ve all been lumbered with in 2020. So, a sparkly piece of art always has the ability to lift your spirits and brighten up your day.

This was my second time working with thin aluminium sheet, so I was well prepared for a few inevitable cuts! I started off cutting various sizes of a triangle shapes. I then beat each shape multiple times using a square headed screwdriver. Very satisfying for the first fifty! This caused each shape to curve inwards, and look almost shell-like.

Once I had enough shapes (there’s over 130 pieces in each of Fractured creations), I had to use small blocks of polystyrene and gel medium to fix each shape to the prepared canvas. It took quite a while, and many times I wondered what on earth possessed me to even start!

The photographs I have taken really do not give justice to this series of work. As I sit here in the late afternoon sun, the reflections on each artwork piece is incredible. Almost like that you’d get on water. Anyway, I hope you like them. And if you decide to have a go yourself, make sure you have some plasters at hand!

Close up of beaten aluminium pieces by Richard Noel artist
Fractured closeup
Highly reflective Fractured I art piece by Richard Noel artist
Fractured I : Aluminium sheet on canvas
Fractured II, aluminium on canvas by Richard Noel artist
Fractured II : Aluminium sheet on canvas
Silver and white, Fractured III art piece by Richard Noel artist
Fractured III : Aluminium sheet on canvas
Fractured II art creation from artist Richard Noel
Fractured II side profile view