To Follow

There’s something REALLY exciting about having a HUGE blank canvas ready and waiting for you. And this one was 60″ by 30″, a real whopper! I’d salvaged the frame from a 2010 painting (which was pretty dodgy to be honest) and then recanvassed it myself.

I started this piece at the end of Winter 2020. Out came the hot wire cutters and polystyrene…and…the madness began. This time I wanted to create something organic-looking that had the appearance of swirling and flowing. It took an AGE to do, as once fixed on, each polystyrene piece had to have its seam sealed with the canvas. And then layers and layers of gel and white paint had to be applied to it all.

The final result is very serene and sculptural. And white. And large. Unintentionally, it also performs very well as a sound dampening panel in Phil’s small office! Perfect for Phil who’s on the telephone most of the day, and perfect for me sat next door to him!

To Follow, sculpture on canvas by Richard Noel artist
To Follow mixed mediums on canvas