When Nightfall comes…

I really love creating textured art pieces that change in different lighting. Pieces that people can also touch and further engage with. Over the years, I’ve had a bit of a play around sticking textured modelling clay to canvas. The results have been OK; a bit rough around the edges. Several of those artworks that I created have now been stripped from their wooden frames and re-purposed.

So, this year I wanted to have a go at creating something using clay again,. Something that has a luxurious look and feel. The results are two large pieces, each 40″ by 40″, which I have called ‘Nightfall’.

Each Nightfall was created using 2kg of clay! The clay shapes were cut, texturized and laid out on our deck in the very hot Qu├ębec sun to dry. Once dry, they were then painted several times in silver, then attached to a white painted canvas using a gel medium. The finishing touch was a brush over with high gloss gel.

Each Nightfall has a different design and change in appearance throughout the day. You can check out some pictures of the two Nightfalls in different lighting below…

Reflective silver and white Nightfall I art piece by artist Richard Noel
Nightfall 1 side profile view
Nightfall I illuminated at night by Richard Noel artist
Nightfall illuminated at night
Illuminated in blue light, Nightfall II by artist Richard Noel
Nightfall II illuminated in blue light