If life wasn’t already Distorted…

I did a series of three ‘Distorted’ paintings back in 2012: titled ‘Anxious’, ‘Fragmented’ and ‘Out of Synch’. As I’ve mentioned before, the design of each painting is actually based on letters in that word. Perhaps if you look hard enough you may see a letter or two!

So, this Summer, being stressed out renovating the bloody kitchen (during a pandemic with supply chain issues and lack of trades people), I decided to lift that brush and vent some feelings on three brand new canvasses.

This time around I wanted a more polished look; to take my time with both the colour depths and black borders. I also decided to go with 24″ x “24 canvas frames, instead of the previous 36” ones. The three paintings took about three weeks, in between decorating.

Below let me introduce ‘Enough’, ‘Unaware’ and ‘Goodbye’. I’m actually in the process of another three, because I think the six together on a white wall would look kind of cool!

Distorted IV, V and VI on display by artist Richard Noel
Enough, painting side view by Richard Noel artist
Enough side profile view
Unaware painting side view by artist Richard Noel
Unaware side profile view
Side view of Goodbye painting by artist Richard Noel
Goodbye side profile view