Back in the game…

Wowee! Has it really been over 5 years since I started a canvas? Like with many people across the world, 2020 made me look inwards. I just had to start creating again to record that I was still here and still alive. Small steps in creativity started with Winter's End.

Always getting lost in dreams…

The reoccurring dream when you know your destination, but it seems like you can never reach there. I've had this dream for years on end and it still knocks me for six. "Lost' encapsulates that dream with its never-ending channels in a race to find your way out.

Invite to exhibit

Some great news. I have just been asked to participate in the upcoming 'Beyond Our Roots' visual arts exhibition at Gallery 1313 in a few weeks time!

Introducing Awake

Inspired by my latest trip up to Wawa in Northern Ontario, and having been given a super little card with a Norval Morrisseau print on it, I decided to experiment with a painting. The result is a super colourful canvas I have titled 'Awake'.

Latest creation in October – Aware

My latest creation is on a pinky orange backdrop with what seems like a ton of different gel mediums. It's a bit of a strange painting. but none the less an artistic experiment I wanted to share with you. Here's 'Aware'