The ones that didn’t make it…

Creating art for me has been very hit and miss. As I started to get better I began looking back at previous creations with a critical eye. Some of those poor paintings are hidden away in very dark recesses, were given away, thrown out, or stripped from their frames to make way for new ones. I really am an unforgiving soul.

But, in celebration of my creative past, I’ve decided to pop up a few of those long lost artistic toils onto this website. If you click one it will enlarge (of course, please don’t feel like I’m forcing you to click!)

Deep : Paper, Acrylic on Canvas (2007)
Deep II : Paper, Acrylic on Canvas (2010)
Breathe, art creation by Richard Noel artist
Breathe : Polystyrene, Gel Mediums and Acrylic (2010)
Confusion: Mixed mediums, Acrylic on Canvas (2010)
Fall I: Gel Mediums, Acrylic on Canvas (2007)
Structured : Gel Mediums, Acrylic on Canvas (2007)
Focus : Acrylic on Canvas (2011)
Gather : Acrylic on Canvas (2007)
Dream : Acrylic on Canvas (2011)
Untitled 2 : Paper, Copper Leaf, Acrylic on Canvas (2010)
Untitled 1 : Clay, Acrylic on Canvas (2010)
Orderly : Polystyrene, Gel Mediums on Canvas (2020)
Hell : Acrylic, Linen on Board (1992)
Prozac snapshot : Acrylic on linen on board (1995)
The Pod painting by Richard Noel artist
The Pod in my Halloween decorated lounge in 1997.