The Distorted Square is complete!

So, a brand new year! But really, does it feel like it to you? We have already had restrictions and a curfew re-imposed on us here in Qu├ębec. Ugh. That coupled with a very strange Winter that alternates between -30 and +3 degrees. That’s a double ugh indeed!

I am yet again rambling on about rubbish when there’s news to announce; my Distorted series collective square of paintings is now complete! In the last few days I completed Distorted X, XI and XII, or using their titles, ‘2022’, ‘Forgiven’ and ‘Suitable’. These three creations – all based on their given names – are ramped up a notch in colour palette

Distorted X, XI and XII on display

And below is the final collection on nine paintings that make the collective square! I’m really happy with the results, which is a relief as they were many months in the making. These 9 paintings together make an awesome, eye-catching 6.5′ x 6.5′ art installation. You can also jumble them up into any order you like; even turn them around in any direction you want if you don’t want to see my signature!

I don’t think I’ll be creating any more Distorted this year. But, I still have my eye on creating the long-gone ‘Prozac’ painting from 1996. That would be fun indeed…..!

The Distorted Series of paintings by artist Richard Noel on display
The Distorted 24" x 24" series together on display